Hand washing station, carpentry, and tree planting

Good morning! I need to be very quick since I have to conserve battery power for a Skype call with Nepean High School. A group of students will be in the library at 9 EDT to talk to a group of students in Nepean! How cool is that?

Just wanted to let you know yesterday was a very productive day in Kikule! We mapped out where some future fencing could go, I bought 2000 bricks so we can add on to the library, the stand for the hand washing station was built and a drainage pit has been dug (just needs to be filled with stones and then made pretty with bricks), supplies to fix some cracks in the library were bought and a plan for diverting water to stop future cracks was also created, rain gutters were added to the latrine so rain water will fill the hand washing station, I planted 2/3 of the trees with the expert assistance of Flo’s mom and her neighbour Mary. The ground is VERY hard and digging with a pick is not a skill I have mastered to say the least. They however are incredibly powerful and made it look easy.

Getting some advice about where the seedling should be planted


Flo headed back to Nairobi to work, we go to have a visit with Father Kimeu, our official host in Kenya, a wonderful, positive Catholic Priest who run the Ndithi Mission Hospital and Orphanage. I sent him home with a large box of primary books since there are so many in the library and space is a bit of an issue for us.

Showing Father Kimeu the clay pot water filters now installed at the library

Paul became the head motorcycle driver since one of Flo’s brothers has a bike and seems happy to let him be the one to drive it. You can imagine the grin on his face as he pulled into the compound yesterday afternoon sitting in the driver’s seat after a trip to the market for building supplies (which arrived tied onto another motorcycle). It has been so great to have him here in Kikule!

My brother Paul and the motorcycle he drove home from the market

The students are already using the water filters we brought. The novelty of it seems to encourage them to drink water which is great. I hope to hear that many more people have them in the future.

Info about the clay pot water filters we found for the library

Flo’s family continues to treat us with 5 star hospitality. We had 3 delicious meals cooked for us yesterday, hot water for baths, and Wayua is going to mop the floor in our house today! The are making such an effort to include us, speak English and Kiswhahili (easy words) and teach us Kikamba too. It is so nice to be back.

I think Paul is teaching yoga in the library right now so I’d better go and see if I can catch the last few minutes of it. More very soon when electricity allows!

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