The pig workshop and an idyllic dusty sunset ride

A few more pictures before I sleep. Here are a few from the pig workshop I held on Wednesday.


I took a short break to take some pictures while my translator Paul taught about the Taenia solium tapeworm and how it can lead to epilepsy in people.

Teaching at the pig workshop last week


It wasn't all serious! We had tea, peanuts, and margerine sandwiches at the end of the workshop...and a lot of laughs.

















As I came home on Saturday night, the last night before I headed to Nairobi, riding sidesaddle on the back of Fred’s piki (my skirt wouldn’t allow me to ride like a man- frontways) through the dust just as the sun was setting, watching the villagers interact, waving to kids who still find it amazing that there is a white person in town, seeing mamas I know by name and stopping to greet them on the road (pikis can stop quickly if need be) all I could think was “I don’t want to leave this place”.  I bet I’ll have a very wobbly chin trying to hold back tears at the end of August when I have to say “Tuonani” for a much longer time. Lucky for me that time is still very far away.

My friend Lilian with another farmer whose name I can not remember

The boys' table - even at church most of the men sit apart from the mamas. I was happy to see them at the workshop as it's often the women who do most of the non-cattle farming in Kenya.





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