Water tank this weekend

After a great meeting last week with a water scarcity and quality engineer, I realized a few calculations were needed to better select the size of water tank we need in Kikule to harvest rainwater. The climate data shows that Machakos District, where Kikule is located, receives 292 mm of rain between October and December and another 283 mm from March to May. That’s a total of 575mm.  There are 6 months where the average rainfall is zero mm. For comparison, Guelph has an annual average precipitation of 905 mm and  Toronto 834 mm.

So the good news is that with that sort of supply we only need a 5 000 litre tank (and had planned on an 8 000 litre tank). The problem with having too big of a tank is that it gets hot and the water evaporates!! plus it is just a waste of extra plastic and dollars spent.  Florence’s brother is going to get the tank this weekend!! The concrete slab has been poured for it so they are all set to install it. Some bricks and cement just need to be bought so that a wall can be built around it.

The tuition for 25 students has been paid in full for this semester!!! They are attending classes and we hope to have them write their first letters to their sponsors when Florence goes to the village  when the books that were shipped from here, arrive. That will be great to learn about the the students, their lives, families, friends, and what they do when they are not in school.

I may  not blog much this week as I’m headed to Alberta for the week to visit some family. Even co-founders need a break sometimes. You never know when I might turn up though!

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  1. AZ says:

    Nice Work! I think it’s really important that all of you are doing this wonderful work. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to mention that, and want to promote efforts and causes like this one to better our precious little blue rock we call home! Keep it up! 😉