TWS helping students avoid effects of sand harvesting

A recently letter to TWS from the principal of what of the schools we sponsors students at, mentioned sponsored students’ gratitude at avoiding “the effect of sand harvesting”.

Letter from principal

Letter from principal



I had to research it as I had never heard of sand harvesting or its effects.

Sand is becoming a necessary component in fuelling the construction boom that is driving the rapid urbanisation and economic growth in the country. But many of Kenya’s poor youngsters are turning to sand mining as a quick way to earn money, despite the deadly risks. According to Mary Muthoni, an official with local government child welfare, about 3,000 young people, most of whom are underage, are involved in some of the worst forms of labour here, including sand mining.

It turns out that while providing critically needed employment and income which in turns often is used to pay for education,  this dangerous, health-risk laden, environmentally-damaging activity also negatively affects education. And it is a deadly occupation that is attracting Kenya’s youngsters.

You can read a study about the effects of sand mining in the environment and education here or an article about how dangerous sand harvesting is here


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Kudos sponsors for all that you do!!

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