TWS Advisory committee meeting

1-Tei Wa Syana_COLOUR LOGO-002The TWS-Canada advisory committee met this past week, our second meeting of 2015, to talk about all things Tei wa Syana related. Our meetings always run into overtime, because I  forget to put at the top of the agenda 1) catch up at the start of the meeting – 30 minutes.

It is so great to work with a team of dedicated volunteers who get along so well, and who provide such diverse and valuable advice and ideas.

Our meetings are highly productive, full of brain-storming, questions and answers, thinking outside the box, considering the big picture and the short- and long-term impacts of our decisions.

It’s a big job making important decisions that affect us, our co-founder Florence, our Kenyan students, and the staff at the schools we work at, our many sponsors and donors, the local Kenyan government and religious officials who welcome and support us in the community, Florence’s family who own the land on which the library is built, and the Kenyan community as a whole, all while considering Canadian and Kenyan cultural differences and our long-term plans!

And don’t forget we drink gallons of tea, which our Kenyan colleagues would find immensely appropriate.

Ashley Kerr, Kelsye Coulter, Fran Carter (whom I usually call “Mom”), and Cynthia Weijs – Florence and I really couldn’t do it without you!


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2 Responses to TWS Advisory committee meeting

  1. Fran Carter says:

    It is you who gather us all together, Natalie – on both continents. And your very own blog indicates the impact that your vision, effort and enthusiasm are accomplishing among us. It’s wonderful to work with you.