New TWS record set in 2017!

Thanks to our amazing sponsors 24 new teenagers will be sponsored by TWS this school year! Since we have 32 continuing students it sets a TWS record of a whopping (drumroll please) 56 sponsored high school students in 2017!

That’s really something to feel fabulous about. And I haven’t even mentioned the vocational school students yet…

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Thank you TWS Kenya!

A big thank-you to TWS Kenya, to Florence and Wayua, the school principals, parents, and community members who helped with our application process this month. The Ottawa-Nairobi-Isyukoni-Kikule-Nairobi-Ottawa information exchange is truly remarkable given the distance, remoteness, and infrastructure challenges. We couldn’t do it at our end, if our Kenyan friends and colleagues weren’t making it happen at their end. :-) Nashukuru rafikis!

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Thank you TWS Canada Advisory Board!

A huge thank you goes out to the small, but remarkably mighty, TWS-Canada Advisory Board. Fran Sadkowski CarterKelsye Coulter and Melanie Sommerer thank you for all of your hard work this fall, preparing for what promises to be a very successful sponsorship program in 2017!! I really, really appreciate all that you do!

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Student applications are being reviewed!

The TWS Canada crew is going through the agonizing, humbling, process of reviewing student applications this week.

How I wish we could sponsor every single one of them and help them in their quest to rise out of poverty. And how grateful I am that we can sponsor as many as we do!

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New student applications are on their way

Sponsorship applications were picked up in Nairobi today and will be delivered to TWS schools tomorrow! Busy (and exciting) times for TWS in Kenya and Canada!

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Another new school year has begun!

Our students started a new school year on Wednesday! Applications will be submitted next week. A whopping TWENTY new teenagers will be sponsored this year, thanks to our amazing sponsors! This is in addition to the 32 continuing high school students!! What a truly remarkable group of people you all are!

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2016 sponsorship program kick-off!

We just kicked off the start of our 2016 sponsorship program!

Current sponsors we will be in touch soon! New sponsors are always welcome!

Just $190 gets a boy or girl to high school for the year.

And $475 gets a boy or girl to a technical training institute where they learn trade skills such as motor vehicle mechanics, garment making, computer applications (and we provide them with sheets, a blanket, cup/bowl/spoon, that they need at boarding school plus paper and notebooks).

You will receive a tax donation for the entire sponsorship amount.

We are 100% volunteer-run and our expense are very very low (just bank fees and postage) so your donation actually gets where you want it to go!

If you want to learn more about our sponsorship program please send an email to

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Congratulations TWS graduates!



Congratulations to our 22 TWS high school graduates and 6 TWS polytechnic graduates!

We are so proud of each and every one of you!! You worked so hard to achieve in school and change the course of your future!

And we are very very grateful to each and every one of their sponsors who made it possible!!

TWS-Canada is gearing up for another great year of sponsorship! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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Letters to sponsors on their way!


Sponsors of students at Kikule, Kathukini, and Milaani Seconday Schools check your mailboxes soon! Letters from your sponsored students are on their way!!

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Letters from polytech on their way to you


Sponsors of polytechnic students, a letter from your student is on its way to you this week!

Check your mailbox soon for the latest news from Ndithini Polytechnic.

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